Communication Tower


Position 108

As a Electronics Hardware Engineer working for Wafer you would join the Core development team that is now changing the world of wireless communication around the globe. You would lead the development of unique wireless products and system ranging from consumer handheld product and devices to large deploy-able wireless communication systems that would be mounted on Houses, embedded into vehicles and airplanes.

You would need to provide innovative solutions from a an electrical design perspective, including digital board design, drivers, electronic control circuitry, DAC, ADC, FPGA and lead that design to mass-production.

We Appreciate the Innovating mind and our R&D team is Growing Fast, Come Join Us.

Desired Skills:

  1. BSc in Electrical Engineering.

  2. 5+ years of hands on experience as digital board design engineer.

  3. Understanding of architecture considerations, including digital interface.

  4. HDL (VHDL/Verilog) experience.

  5. Strong background in FPGA design and FPGA selection.

  6. Board design experience and leading into mass production a big plus.

  7. Experience integrating Radio systems a big plus.

  8. Layout tools and Mixed signal analysis knowhow.