Position 111

As a technician working for Wafer you would join the core development team that is now changing the world of wireless communication around the globe. You would join the  engineering team's efforts of our core unique wireless products and system ranging from consumer handheld product and devices to large deploy-able wireless communication systems that would be mounted on Houses, embedded into vehicles and airplanes. 

You would need to support various activities in lab including board bring-up and troubleshooting, operating various machines and test equipment, 3D printing , screen printing, operating and maintaining system production machines.

Lab efforts include soldering, constructing test beds and test jigs and general technical approach to various challenges.

Minimum skills:

  1. Technical high-school education.

  2. Military technical background.

  3. At least 3 years of technical employment experience.

  4. Good soldering skills.

  5. Technical intuition.

  6. Positive approach, self motivated and taking initiative are must.

Network Hub and Cable