Mobile Phone


Position 105

As a Material Science Design Engineer working for Wafer you would join the Core development team that is now changing the world of wireless communication around the globe. You would lead the development of some of our core manufacturing technology and processes for our unique wireless products and system ranging from consumer handheld product and devices to large deploy-able wireless communication systems that would be mounted on Houses, embedded into vehicles and airplanes.

You would need to provide innovative solutions from a material engineering design perspective, including Radom designs, design for mass-production, and research and development of various materials for thermal, RF and mechanical constraints. You would be specifically developing our core manufacturing process technology around RF, Antennas and Radio systems.

We do in 6 months what others try to accomplish in 2 years;

Minimum skills:

  1. Minimum of BSc. In Material Science engineering or equivalent with emphasis on Radom design, conformal structures and materials and more.

  2. Minimum of 5 years hands on experience of R&D work developing Radom’s for high and low frequency antennas, experience with Ferro-electric material and understanding of chemical Oxides, for either the Micro-wave Industry or for the semi-conductor industry.

  3. Practical experience and lab experience building various compounds, and mixtures to form Mothers for Radom’s, and defining and implementing manufacturing processes of different materials.

  4. Hands-on experience building structures based on developed processes, understanding of conductive oxide materials such as ITO and others used for the semi-conductor industry.

  5. Hands-on experience for analysis and building theoretical models to accommodate the buildup.

Desired Skills:

  1. PHd. Material Science and or Equivalent.

  2. Semi-conductor Industry experience, for either silicon manufacturing is a big plus.

  3. Experience designing conformal Radom’s for low and high frequency products.