Dish Antenna


Position 106

As a Material Science Design Engineer working for Wafer you would join the Core development team that is now changing the world of wireless communication around the globe. You would lead the development of some of our core manufacturing technology and processes for our unique wireless products and system ranging from consumer handheld product and devices to large deploy-able wireless communication systems that would be mounted on Houses, embedded into vehicles and airplanes.

You would need to provide innovative solutions from a process development, investigating new technologies, characterization and analyzing of materials in terms of material surface analysis and treatment, chemical analysis and micro-structures. The work will be with orientation for mass-production under thermal, RF and mechanical constraints.

We do in 6 months what others try to accomplish in 2 years;

You will need to be curios, creative, self-taught, analytical thinker, team player and flexible.

Minimum skills:

  1. Minimum of BSc. in either Chemical or Material Science engineering or Chemistry with emphasis on organic materials.

  2. Experience in organic material, material surface chemistry, thin layers and semiconductors, at least 3 years.

  3. Experience in measurement and characterization method such as HPLC, SEM, AFM and FTIR.

Desired Skills:

  1. MSc or PHd. degree.

  2. Semi-conductor Industry experience, for either silicon manufacturing is a big plus.

  3. High level technical English - Reading, writing and verbal.