Network Hub and Cable


Position 102

As an RF System Engineer working for Wafer you would join the core development team that is now changing the world of wireless communication around the globe. You would lead the Radio System engineering of our core unique wireless products and system ranging from consumer handheld product and devices to large deploy-able wireless communication systems that would be mounted on Houses, embedded into vehicles and airplanes.

You would need to provide innovative solutions from an RF System design perspective. You would specifically lead the Definition of the system requirements, RF system design and defining and implementing the core RF technologies behind our flat antennas and radio products, you would have a leadership role in orchestrating how our systems and products would operate and Integrate into a complete system and or network. Lead the chain from Baseband to waves in air including Integration and customer use.

Our Team in Wafer does 6 months what others try to accomplish in 2 years!

Minimum skills:

  1. Minimum of BSc. In Electrical Engineering with Emphasis on Radio Engineering, Wireless and wired communication theory and signal processing.

  2. Minimum of 5 years hands on experience defining and designing RF and Wireless communication systems and products from as low as 500MHz all the way to millimeter wave frequencies.

  3. Building proper feasible link-budgets analysis for various systems and products for point to point, point to multi-points and networks.

  4. Hands-on experience designing RF systems and boards from concept and feasibility through schematics and layout all the way to Production and testing, High and low power systems.

  5. Direct experience designing and building transceiver chains, from the Antenna port to the modem, LNA’s, Mixers, Filters, PA’s, PLL’s , VCO’s, synthesizers from 500MHz to 90GHz;

  6. Hands-on experience for analysis and building theoretical models to accommodate the buildup.

  7. Experience with Simulation tools such as Ansys Designers, Keysight (HP/Agilent) ADS, Matlab Simulink and or equivalent.

Desired Skills:

  1. Antenna theory and transmission line theory in depth knowledge.

  2. Experience testing and integrating radio systems in the lab;

  3. Mass-production experience is a plus but not a must.

  4. Experience with Phased array antenna design and active design of phase shifters and alike.

  5. RFIC experience is a plus.